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Data Sonification: Beyond the Visual

To set the stage for a renovated series of the CfD Conversations, the Center for Design is partnering with MEET Digital Culture Center to create an articulated event that includes a panel, an curated exhibition with a selection from our Data Sonification Archive, and a live performance with a sound artist sonifying real time data about draught. Beyond the Visual. Hearing Data Between Science and Emotion is a multi-voice discussion curated by Paolo Ciuccarelli (Founder of the Center for Design at NEU) and Sara Lenzi (TU/Delft) on Data Sonification, the new frontier for pushing the boundaries of data representations and creating holistic “data experiences.”

During the opening, through Oculus viewers, one can enterIdioms, an immersive environment that recreates the auditory experience of being in a virtual space with people who speak the eight most widely spoken languages in Europe.

The content is made available by The Visual Agency.

The panel portion of the event will include panelists:

Anita Zanella, National Institute of Astrophysics (Italy),
Rafael Bresciani, Sound Artist (Italy),
Dan Lockton, Department of Industrial Design, Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e – Netherlands),
Michele Mauri, DensityDesign Research Lab, Politecnico di Milano (Italy),

Please note that this event is at 12:30 EST/6:30 CET. This is a virtual event.  Learn more and register for virtual attendance.


For more information, contact:

Nicole Zizzi - [email protected]