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Design Research Week 2023: Design + Healthcare / Data Embodiment

With the intersections between ‘Design’ and ‘Research’ still debated and open for interpretation, CAMD’s Center for Design promotes and hosts the annual “Design Research Week”, in partnership with the Design Museum Foundation, CHeT, Center for the Arts, Bouvé College of Health Sciences, The Magic and Medicine Lab, and more.

To register for any in-person events, click here or by clicking on the red button. To register to attend any events virtually, click here.

Schedule of Programs

9 AM- 9 PM: The Magic of Medical Device Design: Design Sprint 

With collaboration from Jeanette Andrews, Stephen Wood, Linda Tvrdy, Miso Kim, Michael Arnold Mages, Estefania Ciliotta Chehade in collaboration with Bouvé College, Magic and Medicine Lab, and the Alumni Relations office. The first portion of this event will be held in the Curry Student Center Ballroom and the adjacent Dance Studios. A team of staff will redirect back to the Center for Design for the Pitching and Voting Processes.

Design ideas can come from the most unlikely of sources… MAGIC! This day-long hackathon seeks to find design solutions to create safer, less wasteful medical devices including central line kits (used to insert venous catheters to administer medications, measure pressures within the body and to draw blood and labs) by drawing inspiration from the design of props used in magic performances. While at first blush magic and medical devices seem an unusual combination, those in attendance will start to instantly see the correlations between the object design strategies used in magic to design the seemingly impossible and how those can be utilized in design exercises to inspire safer, more patient-centered medical devices.

Participants of all disciplines are encouraged to attend and will receive an introduction to magic prop design (as well as a workshop on a basic magic trick/effect) as well as background information on medical device design. They will form teams to design from the perspective of different users and practitioners. In-person attendees will have hands-on design experience and those engaging virtually will participate in ideation and remote design. The event concludes with each team presenting their ideas and judging from a panel of experts with prizes awarded in several categories.

This event is co-hosted by the Northeastern Center for Design, the Bouvé College School of Nursing, and the Magic and Medicine Lab to bridge communities and foster truly cross-disciplinary collaborations.  Prior registration to participate in the Design Sprint is required. Register here.

12-1.30 pm CAMD faculty lunch + Open Discussion/Brainstorming about DRS 2024 topics 

2:30 -4 pm Data Embodiment

Hosted by the Data Sonification Archive Speakers: Dietmar Offenhuber, Pedro Cruz, Paolo Ciuccarelli, Stephanie Polsky, Sara Lenzi (TU Delft) and Lins Derry (metaLAB (at) Harvard) . This event will take place in the Center for Design. 

How can the artificial separation of sensorial modalities in data representation be reconciled to enable more holistic experiences? A panel will discuss actual and potential intersections across data visualization, data sonification, data physicalization. 

Prior registration for all in-person events is encouraged. Register here or by clicking on the red button.

For more information, contact:

Estefania Ciliotta Chehade - [email protected]