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Exhibition – The Art of Networks III

We are excited to present the exhibition The Art of Networks III in International Village, this exhibition presents a dynamic cross section of data visualizations created over the past three years, covering a broad range of topics in disciplines as diverse as cosmology, genealogy, literature, music, pedagogy, and transportation networks.

We live in a data-driven environment, where data is collected and shared uninterruptedly: from traces left by our daily interactions with digital devices to the numbers routinely released by governmental agencies all over the world. Research scientists across disciplines have, over the years, developed a set of tools for analyzing, modeling and making predictions about complex systems through the use of network science. With the primarily mathematical, computational, and statistical nature of these tools, visualizations play a key role in network science by adding visual insight and intuition to the purely numerical analyses. These visualizations are also broadly used to communicate findings and to disseminate knowledge in the field, serving to help us make sense of complex phenomena by structuring data in ways that facilitate detection of patterns and trends, and ultimately, transform raw data into meaningful information.

Selected by a program committee, these visualizations were devised by leading research labs and studios around the world that are producing some of the most innovative work in this area. You can learn more about the authors and access online interactive applications by pointing your mobile device to the QR codes on each caption. While the exhibit offers a small window into the vast world of network visualizations, we believe the projects will reveal new insights into the phenomenon under scrutiny.

The Art of Networks III was organized by Isabel Meirelles (OCAD University, Toronto, Canada), who chaired this year’s program committee comprised of Matthew Brehmer (Microsoft Research, Redmond, WA), Marian Dörk (University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, Germany), Ronaldo Menezes (Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL), and Nicole Samay (Northeastern University, Boston, MA). The exhibit is an event co-located with Complenet 2018.

The Art of Networks III would not have been possible without the support of the Network Science Institute at Northeastern University; the invaluable assistance of Alessandro Vespignani and Kate Coronges, the Complenet 2018 Conference Chairs; and the generous financial support of the College of Arts, Media and Design. The exhibition was organized in collaboration with Gallery 360 and the Northeastern Center for the Arts.

The first edition of The Art of Networks took place at the Foosaner Art Museum, Florida Institute of Technology in 2012, and the second was presented at the New York Hall of Science in 2015. All three exhibitions were co-located with Complenet.