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Exploring AR/VR for CAMD Curriculum and Research

Come learn from the group that has been exploring the history, and current cutting-edge research and development towards making Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and 360 video a viable part of teaching practices, as well as a whole new storytelling and communication platform!

The group has investigated these technologies and examined a range of exemplary works and observe that they represent significant new opportunities for storytelling and communication through the unique affordances they provide to artists, storytellers, and experience designers.

Right now, we have a dizzying cornucopia of competing technologies to choose from and we continue to experiment with the tools. Both the industry and academic community are actively grappling with the ultimate potential of immersive media. We face significant limitations to widespread adoption at this time. It’s difficult for the average consumer to access content since it often requires expensive and/or difficult to use technology. It’s important for educators to take a cautious stance in order to differentiate between hype and opportunity and to appreciate that the impact of this technology in higher education is still unfolding as we step through a constantly shifting media landscape with a plethora of both pitfalls and opportunities.

Our presenters will take the audience through:

  • An overview of the AR/VR landscape from a storytelling perspective
  • what the FIG (Faculty Inquiry Group) learned during the course of the project
  • Suggested starting points for educators and researchers considering integration of AR and/or VR in their teaching and/or research
  • A curated list of exemplary works
  • Introduction to the “Portable VR Toolkit” we designed that will be available for faculty to check out