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Food For Thought: Carole Bell & Dani Snyder-Young

Join faculty colleagues to discuss topical issues in arts, media and design. This session will feature Assistant Professor of Communication Studies Carole Bell & Assistant Professor of Theatre Dani Snyder-Young discussing their research regarding race & spectatorship.

Dani Snyder-Young will present her project, “Privileged spectatorship: Social Justice, Theatre, and Audience Impact” examining theories of resistant readership and spectatorship to better understand how privilege can lead audience members to read plays with overt agendas for making progressive social change “across the grain” to unintentionally but openly reinforce dominant, oppressive systems of power.  It presents an eclectic mix of performances against and through each other, examining audience responses to plays and related mediatized activist performances.  Its goal is to learn how and why a range of activist theatre practices are (and are not) able to pierce spectators’ privilege blinders by examining what these performances are concretely doing to their audiences.

Carole Bell will present The Politics of Interracial Romance in American Film, which explores the representation, reception and social and political significance of Black-White romantic narratives in American film. The core premise of this work is that interracial romance has been a vehicle for exploring ideas about race in American culture. Depictions of intimacy between Blacks and Whites both reflect and contribute to changes and continuities in the social and political meanings of race.

Enjoy local food and conversation to inform and inspire interdisciplinary scholarship and creative activities at the nexus of research and practice.

Lunch will be Served

This colloquium series aims to nurture the intellectual community of CAMD faculty and is curated this year by Associate Professor of Architecture, Cammy Brothers and Assistant Professor of Communication Studies, Meryl Alper.