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Food For Thought: Meg Heckman

Join Northeastern’s College of Art, Media + Design faculty as they present their research on topical issues across a wide range of creative practices. Enjoy local food and conversation to inform and inspire interdisciplinary scholarship and creativity at the nexus of research and practice. This session features Meg Heckman from the School of Journalism.

Meg Heckman will be presenting Her Truth: Analyzing the Editorials of Nackey Scripps Loeb. For nearly 20 years, Nackey Scripps Loeb served as publisher of the Manchester (NH) Union Leader, a role that gave her tremendous clout in national politics. New Hampshire is home to the first-in-the-nation presidential primary, and Loeb’s editorials helped shape the conversation about the nominees every four years. Heckman is aggregating, digitizing and analyzing all of Loeb’s editorials using both qualitative and quantitative methods.

Lunch will be Served

This ongoing colloquium series aims to nurture the intellectual community of CAMD faculty and is curated this year by Associate Professor of Architecture, Cammy Brothers and Assistant Professor of Communication Studies, Meryl Alper.