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[email protected] Guest Lecture Series: Andrew Plotkin on “The Great War Between Interactivity and Narrative”

The [email protected] Lecture Series is an event where Northeastern faculty members invite academic and industry experts to share their knowledge and insights on games with the Northeastern community, the games community in the Greater Boston Area, and beyond.

For the first event of the series, we are delighted to welcome to campus Andrew PlotkinĀ  of Zarfhome Software.

“The Great War Between Interactivity and Narrative”We know there was no such war, because interactive narrative games happened and keep on happening. So why is it so easy to believe in the contradiction? Through what lens can we view game design to resolve the illusion?Andrew Plotkin has been playing interactive fiction since there were home computers, and tried writing some shortly thereafter. Now he builds narrative tools for The Molasses Flood. In his spare time, he helps run an IF nonprofit foundation.

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Chris Martens - [email protected]