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Garlands for Steven Stucky: Gloria Cheng in Recital

Sunday, October 14 at 7:00 pm

Fenway Center


Grammy Award-winning pianist Gloria Cheng will present a concert of thirty-two short works for solo piano composed in memory of beloved composer and mentor Steven Stucky (1949-2016). Of these new works, twenty-six are composed by colleagues, friends and students of Steven Stucky. The initial six works were premiered at the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s memorial concert, “Radical Light: A Concert for Steven Stucky,” in April 2016.

Gloria Cheng will perform remembrances by Julia Adolphe; Julian Anderson; Charles Bodman-Rae; Chen Yi; Louis Chiapetta; Donald Crockett; Brett Dean; Mandy Fang; Gabriela Frank; Daniel S. Godfrey; John Harbison; Anders Hillborg; Pierre Jalbert; Jesse Jones; William Kraft; Hannah Lash, David Lefkowitz; Magnus Lindberg; David Liptak; Steven Mackey; James Matheson; Colin Matthews; Harold Meltzer; Eric Nathan; Joseph Phibbs; Kay Rhie; Christopher Rouse; Esa-Pekka Salonen; Michael Small; Stephen Andrew Taylor; Andrew Waggoner; & Judith Weir.