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Gloria Sutton as a Keynote speaker at Sensefactory Symposium: From Bauhaus to Sensefactory

Are the ideas and concepts developed at the Bauhaus still up-to-date and groundbreaking? How can we connect with today’s possibilities? What was realized, what was rejected, what remained in the balance? And to what extent does SENSEFACTORY open a new space that exposes pressing questions of our understanding of subjectivity and the body? Symposium with international experts from the fields of art, art history and architecture: Oliver Botar (CAN), Gloria Sutton (USA), Alfredo Brillembourg / Urban-Think Tank (VEN / CHE), Chris Salter (CAN), Dietmar Lupfer (D) and others.

17.00-18.15 PART II Gloria Sutton – Immersive Space

Keynote by Gloria Sutton followed by a
panel discussion (Gloria Sutton, Oliver AI Botar, Sofian Audry, Chris Salter & Dietmar Lupfer)