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habidatum – to index a city (NUVIS)

We live in an era of ubiquitous computing – the fabric of cities becomes more digitized, people’s gadgets generate tons of data. Yet our ability to understand many urban phenomena is still limited. How to compare incomparable? The city population and economic performance? Urban mobility and people’s values? Modern cities are complex multilevel systems and we need to analyze them, yet without simplification. In their talk Vadim Smakhtin and Eduard Haiman from Habidatum/Mathrioshka will explain what various types of urban data have in common, how to overcome data limitations and deal with scarce, sensitive and biased data through space-time analysis and visualization.

Vadim Smakhtin – Chief Technology Officer, Partner of Habidatum
Vadim is a creative coder and generative designer focused on hybrid programming tools and interaction between coders, designers and analysts. With his IT knowledge and background in engineering, Vadim gets “tech” in order and sets the direction of software development at Habidatum. Vadim is a co-founder of the digital design studio Mathrioshka. He has 5+ years’ experience in digital art and data visualization. Apart from his work as CTO, Vadim holds lectures and workshops on digital art and parametric architecture.

Eduard Haiman – Chief Design Officer, Partner of Habidatum
Eduard is a creative technologist, artist and architectural designer. He oversees design and implementation of Habidatum’s visual analysis tools and provides strategic advice to the company. Eduard is a co-founder of the digital design studio Mathrioshka. He also co-founded Branch Point – an educational and research project in the field of parametric design and architecture. Eduard is an associate professor at Naberezhnye Chelny Institute of Social and Educational Technology and Resources and a regular lecturer at several architectural schools.