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CfD Conversations 02

In the middle of the pandemic news broke out of the first FDA approved digital game.

This marks a major milestone for digital medicine and for the use of games for health generally. Around the same time, a first-of-its kind surgery was performed with augmented reality on a living patient. Both events and the pandemic itself bring up the question of what the future of games for health looks like. This panel will look at the challenges and opportunities of emerging technologies (AI, AR, VR), the implications of a post-pandemic world, and what critical role (game) design has in further advancing the current trends.

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This event is part of the Center for Design (CfD) Conversation Series. At the end of each month, CfD faculty members will invite research players from Northeastern, and beyond, to  addresses the multifaceted expressions of interdisciplinary design research. 


CfD Faculty Curator

Dietmar Offenhuber

Casper Harteveld is an Associate Professor of Game Design at Northeastern University, has affiliated appointments in Computer Science, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, and with the School of Law, and works closely with faculty in Marine Science and Public Policy. His research focuses on using games to study and improve decision-making, and through these efforts both to advance our knowledge and to engage a broad cross-section of people globally about societal issues. He applies games especially in areas where it is challenging to study and educate in natural environments and collects detailed and expansive behavioral data in a controlled manner.


The Panelists

Pam Kato is an internationally recognized expert on serious games. She partners with industry and academia to deliver engaging digital health interventions with impact. As the owner of P. M. Kato Consulting, Dr. Kato is based in Silicon Valley and works with international companies, government agencies and NGOs. Her work has received international media coverage in The GuardianThe Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, U.S. News & World Report, USA Today, National Geographic Magazine, The Times of India, Mumbai Mirror, AFP and Xinhua News. She is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board for Emteq (maker of emotion sensing virtual reality hardware), Firsthand Technology (a virtual reality platform for pain management), and is a Simnovate Engaged Learning Domain Group Representative Member.


Danielle Levac is a physical therapist and Assistant Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy, Movement and Rehabilitation Sciences, with an affiliate position in the Department of Bioengineering, at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. She directs the Rehabilitation Games and Virtual Reality Laboratory, where her research and scholarship focuses on the sustainable, evidence-based integration of virtual reality (VR) and active video games into rehabilitation practice. A main goal of her research program is to explore the ‘active ingredients’ of practice in virtual environments for motor learning and transfer in children with neuromotor impairments.


Amy Lu is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication Studies of the College of Arts, Media and Design and in the Department of Health Sciences of the Bouvé College of Health Sciences at Northeastern University. She directs the Health Technology Lab, where she studies the persuasive mechanism of media and communication technologies, as well as their health behavioral and psychological applications and mechanisms. Her current projects focus on using narratives and active video games to promote physical activities and cognitive function among children.


Chris Porter is a lead game designer at Akili Interactive, a biotechnology company that brings together world-class neuroscience with the latest technology and video game entertainment to design personalized digital therapeutics engineered to directly improve cognitive impairments. Akili has introduced the first-and-only prescription treatment delivered through a video game, EndeavorRx. In his role, Chris is the creative vision holder responsible for marrying all aspects of game design to this new FDA approved digital therapy.


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