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Indie game designers Giant Spacekat

Amanda Warner and Brianna Wu, co-founders of Boston-based indie game studio Giant Spacekat

Outlining the history of their studio, Amanda Warner and Brianna Wu will address the current climate for women developers in the game industry and concerns that misogyny is forcing talented designers and gamers out of the business. An advocate for women in technology, Brianna Wu was recently forced from her home by threats from #gamergate. In her recent appearances on CNN, MSNBC, HuffPost Live and in articles in the Washington Post, the New York Times, and Newsweek, Mrs. Wu has become increasingly vocal in the face of this menace. She has courageously spoken on behalf of those women whose voices have been silenced, while shielding women who are still able to work as game designers. Despite living in hiding, Mrs. Wu is persistent about the potential for positive change.

Brianna Wu is head of development at Giant Spacekat, one of the industry’s few all-female game development studios, host of Isometric on 5by5  and is a frequent speaker on women in tech issues.

Amanda Warner is lead animator and co-founder at Giant Spacekat.

Partners: Northeastern Center for the Arts, Art + Design

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