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Dialogue of Civilization
Italian Architecture and Urbanism
Venice, Florence, Siena, Rome

Summer 1, May 4-June 6, 2019

Professor Peter Wiederspahn: [email protected]

ARCH 3352 Architecture Topics Abroad: Drawing. 
Will satisfy NUpath Attribute #2: Exploring Creative Expression and Innovation.
This course engages students of all skill levels in architectural freehand drawing: it is easy to learn and an ideal vehicle for interacting with the built environment. No previous freehand drawing skills needed.

ARCH 3351 Architecture Topics Abroad: Theory
Will satisfy NUpath Attribute #3: Interpreting Culture
This course engages fundamental urban design theory to study the “embodied time” in Italian architecture and
urbanism that has evolved over years, centuries, and millennia.

Deadline for applications: 15 January 2019