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Information Design and Visualization Alumni Panel: Where They Are Now

On March 16, a group of alumni from the Information Design and Visualization (IDV) graduate program will be holding a panel to discuss their professional experiences since graduating. Panelists will be representing a variety of local and national companies, including Google Cambridge, Periscopic, and United Health. Hear about their current work and projects and how their academic experience in the IDV graduate program played a role in where they are now. A group discussion and Q&A will follow the panelists’ presentations. This event is free and open to the public, so please join us!

The following speakers will be presenting:

Ashley Treni –
Mahima Pushkarna – Google Big Picture Group, Cambridge
Skye MoretData Visualizer at Periscopic, Portland, OR
Rania MasriData Visualization Designer at OptumLabs, UnitedHealth

The IDV Alumni Panel will be taking place at 5 pm in the Theatre Lab (334 Ryder Hall).

co-sponsored by NuLawLab – School of Law