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Interventions: Trailblazers

Interventions: Trailblazers is an expedition into design thinking as a driving force for innovation. Over the course of one day, Interventions: Trailblazers unites design-thinking leaders across industries and disciplines to explore design’s role in forging new paths that inspire the world. With lectures, panels, and workshops, our speakers share how they embraced risks to reach previously undiscovered heights.

Scout, a student-led design studio at Northeastern University is organizing this event with a team of students from various disciplines.

The event is on April 4th, 2020 from 8:30AM–5:30PM at Northeastern University’s Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Center.

Participating speakers and panelists include Rachel Zarrell, Senior Creative Director at Buzzfeed, Shuya Gong, Senior Designer at IDEO, and many more!

For more information please visit Interventions: Trailblazers. Tickets are available here.

About Scout Studio
Scout aims to foster the design community at Northeastern University to share with the Boston community and beyond through real client work, speaker series, and interactive workshops. We believe that the most valuable learning comes when you take the brave plunge into something you have little or no previous experience in. The design community can provide mentorship and guidance when students need help navigating uncharted territories. We help bridge the gap between creative makers and thinkers, making design accessible to our peers from all disciplines, age groups, and experience levels. We promote and utilize the design thinking process—critique, testing, iteration and implementation—as an effective way to approach problems in any industry.

Volunteer information:
Northeastern undergraduate students are eligible to apply to be a volunteer for Interventions: Trailblazers. If a person applies and is accepted to volunteer but already bought their ticket, we will refund that amount. The application link is here.