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Leading Voices: Finn Upham

Join the Music Department for the first of its Leading Voices series, featuring a talk by music technology PhD Finn Upham.

Our experiences of music are both highly idiosyncratic, special to each of us in each moment, and collective, with common influences across a listening crowd. Through a series of empirical studies on how people feel and behave during music listening, Finn Upham traces their trajectory from a basic model of performed stimulus and audience response to an empowered-listener view of musical engagement. If participation is part of all musical experiences, this poses a question to all producers of music: “What are you asking your audience to do?”

Finn Upham has studied listeners’ dynamic experiences of music from many angles, working with behavioural and psychophysiological measurements to track changes second by second. With degrees in music theory, mathematics, and music technology, they have looked at the coherence of listeners reported emotional responses to live performance, how individuals and audiences breathe with the music (and musicians) they hear. At the University of Oslo’s RITMO Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Rhythm, Time and Motion, they have continued working on audience behaviour, both movement in the concert hall, from applause to stillness, and actions on social media during live streamed shows. They are also an enthusiastic amateur dancer, former percussionist and bassoonist, and producer of the So Strangely Podcast on Music Science.

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