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Michelle Borkin – Visualization Across Disciplines

What can help enable both the treatment of heart disease and the discovery of newborn stars?  Visualization.  Specifically interdisciplinary data visualization, the sharing and co-development of tools and techniques across domains.  Visualization is a powerful tool for data exploration and analysis. With data ever-increasing in quantity, having effective visualizations is necessary for knowledge discovery and data insight.  In this talk I will share sample results from my own research in visualization, and experience crossing disciplines.  I will first give an overview of my projects across computer science, cognitive psychology, astrophysics, and radiology.  Then I will give a more detailed description of HemoVis, an interactive visualization application for heart disease diagnosis that uses a novel 2D tree diagram representation of coronary artery trees.  Finally, I will present new visualization techniques and tools inspired by this work for the astronomical community including Glue, an interactive linked data visual exploration tool for multi-dimensional data visualization and analysis.