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Pathways Speaker Series: Cassie Moreno & Ellen Sciales

Join us on Monday, November 23, at 6:00 p.m. EST for the second event in The Pathway Speaker Series!

The Pathways Speaker Series is devoted to young professionals who have been able to combine their interests with experience to carve out a space for themselves in a changing media/communication landscape. Very often students have general interests across multiple disciplines like Communication Studies, Journalism, Media, Film, Marketing, Events, Advertising, and Design, and they feel pressured to choose only one path forward. Pathways is meant to show students that there are many different paths forward through their studies and into a professional environment, and there’s no right or wrong way to engage or combine their skills and interests.

This talk will feature Cassie Moreno and Ellen Sciales. An RSVP is required for this event which you can do here or by clicking the button below.



The Speakers


Cassie Moreno
Communication Studies & Theatre, Class of 2018

Cassie Moreno is a 2018 CAMD graduate who has held political communications roles in Boston, NYC, DC, and Virginia. In 2020, Cassie served as Communications Director for Suraj Patel’s upstart congressional campaign in New York City, where disputes over mail-in ballots made national headlines and served as a warning to Democrats ahead of the 2020 presidential election. She has also served as Communications Director for City Councilor Michelle Wu, Press Secretary for Senator Mark Warner, and in Speaker Pelosi’s press office. At Northeastern, Cassie was very active in the Theatre Department productions, the International Relations Council, and the Center of Community Service.


Ellen Sciales
Communication Studies & Political Science, Class of 2019

Ellen Sciales is a 2019 CAMD graduate who most recently served as press secretary for Barbara Bollier’s Senate campaign in Kansas. She previously was an organizer for Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign in New Hampshire and North Carolina. Ellen holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science and Communication from Northeastern University, where she was a peer mentor and participated in three co-ops that shaped her career path.