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Playable Theatre Workshop Series: Participatory Storytelling

The Playable Theatre Project’s first workshop, Participatory Storytelling, focuses on the creation of participatory narratives for meaningful audience agency. We will be delving into performance-based games that have a focus on compelling audience agency to learn what methods are used to create such games and performance pieces.

The first game we will be discussing is Tilford, by game designers Lizzie Stark & Jason Morningstar. It is a live action roleplaying game about union organizing and labor rights. The second game is Space Cowboys by designer Sam Liberty, which is a narrative-focused tabletop RPG that uses player-driven action to create gripping and exuberant sci-fi stories in the mold of your favorite serial films and shows.

In addition to examining these games, the workshop will focus on how to create and script interactive stories for live settings through methods like procedural storytelling and improv games/theatre games.

Admission is free and light refreshments will be provided. Please register here.