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Rahul Gajjar

Rahul Gajjar, photographer and designer, worked on the Heritage Trust’s Champaner project team as a photo-documenter of its identified 114 monuments. But very soon, he got disenchanted by mere photography of the monuments when he saw the birds that flew and animals that wandered about the site and added so much more meaning to the photograph. It was then just one step ahead to the roadside shopkeepers and shrines, the mendicants, the passionate pilgrims, the young holidaymakers, the local urchins. But Champaner-Pavagadh is magical, drenched in the Indian monsoon – inspiring music and dance – amongst the waterfalls, the misty hills, the dense forests which wear a fresh new washed look. Rahul Gajjar’s photographs of Champaner-Pavagadh have won numerous awards, including the Gujarat State Award and the national AIFACS Award. This illustrated talk will trace the journey of photographing this World Heritage Site over the last more than 30 years.