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Sarah Kanouse Performing Ecolodical Attachments

Performing Ecological Attachments is an interdisciplinary, interactive panel will addressing how human identities are tied to place/environment, how we might sense and articulate those relationship through what new forms, genres, channels, or affects and how identities are formed and reformed through that articulation. We are particularly intrigued by ties that are invisible or imperceptible, and which define us as unbounded rather than discrete beings. For example, environmental news reports have recently revealed that plastic particles are now found in human bodies in significant amounts. What remains largely unaddressed are questions about how we feel about such strange kinships, how they alter our understanding of self and community identities, and how we might express or represent such largely unseen realities. From our perspective, sensing and articulating such attachments is vital to numerous projects of environmental justice and recuperation. And despite, or perhaps because of the severity of environmental crisis, we believe that that work can be undertaken in playful and pleasurable ways. Panelists include Sara Grossman (Bryn Mawr College), Sarah Kanouse (Northeastern University), Alexander Menrisky (UMass Dartmouth), Nicole Seymour (Cal State Fullerton), and Katie Schaag (Georgia Tech)