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Senior Show, Department of Art + Design

Opening April 25 at 5PM, the annual Senior Show for the Department of Art + Design highlights the broad array of projects — animations, apps, AR (augmented reality), books, games, identity projects, illustrations, information graphics, installations, paintings, photographs, sculptures, type design, videos, websites — that reflect the diversity of skills and interests in this year’s graduating class. Projects on display originated in the classroom, on co-op, or in the freelance marketplace.

The work in this exhibition was submitted by the students listed below and curated by the Art + Design faculty.

Participants include:*

Christina Allan, Rio Asch Phoenix, Victoria Barranco, Kyle Bianchi, Emily Boyle, Claudia Bracy, Isabella Brucato, Kevin Casas, Ludovica Cestarelli, Sharon Chan, Jon Corbett, Colleen Curtis, Sam De Lara, Brooke Dunahugh, Jena Goldman, Vanessa Gregorchik, Gregory Hackel-Johnson, Madisen Hackley, Kristina Hagman, Natalya Jean, Dan Jung, Alexander Kalaris, Sabrina Kantor, Texas Lawton, Annie Lee, JoJo Lee, Michelle Lee, David London, Xochitl Lozano, Hope Luria, Ray Mandelbaum, Karina Masri, Sophie O’Neill, Katalina Park, Melina Paulli, Sukanya Ray, Yijia Ren, Shelby Robin, Victoria Romulo, Sophia Schonwetter, Daniel Suliteanu, Emily Tan, Kathy Tangarife, Kim Timbone, Evan Trainor, Margaret Trainor, Tiana Tutt, Skye Walker, Marie Yatsyk, Maggie Zhang

*as of April 16, 2019