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Swiss Style Reboot

What is Swiss Style and why is it useful for today’s information designers? The Swiss Style Reboot exhibition, beginning on June 1st in Boston, presents the graphic design principles developed by the pioneers of Swiss Style, which is characterized by clear, functional and highly crafted visual communication. It explores their particular relevance for today’s infographics, data visualizations and interactive interfaces.

The first part of the exhibition showcases masterpieces by mid-20th century pioneers of Swiss Style, including Josef Müller-Brockmann, Max Bill and Karl Gerstner. The second part of the exhibition measures the significance of Swiss Style within today’s information-design community. It presents video interviews with well-known information architects from the U.S. and elsewhere, focusing on if and how they apply this style’s principles in everyday practice. The third part showcases new research by international designers who are currently extending the Swiss legacy into infographics, data visualization and interaction design.
“Design for understanding? Watch the Swiss.” –