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Symposium on Contemporary Design Practice in Historic Chinese Cities

The symposium will focus on contemporary architectural design works, urban planning, and historical preservation projects in historic cities including Beijing, Guangzhou, Ningbo, Xi’an and Kashgar.

The event will feature speakers:

Shuishan Yu, Associate Professor, School of Architecture, Northeastern University, Boston
Gavin Shatkin, Associate Professor, School of Public Policy & Urban Affairs and School of Architecture, Northeastern University, Boston
Song Hui, Associate Professor, The Research Institute of Architectural History and Theory, Xi’an University of Archtiecture and Technology, Xi’an
Xu Lei, Chief Architect, UD Studio, China Architecture Design & Research Group, Beijing
Yang Wang , Associate Professor, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou
Yan Aibin, East China University of Technology, Shanghai; Visiting Scholar Harvard GSD
Wang Nan, Tsinghua University, Beijing; Visiting Scholar MIT School of Architecture and Planning

Download the full schedule here.