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Waylaid in Tijuana

Waylaid in Tijuana explores how asylum policies adopted in Washington, DC reverberate just south of the border in Tijuana, Mexico. It features migration experts, government officials, and migrant advocates from the Tijuana/San Diego region who grapple with the consequences of these policies on a daily basis. But its main characters are the migrants themselves, whose stories are often heartbreaking while also being a testament to the human spirit. Through interviews, images, news clips, and an original song written and performed by a Honduran migrant, the film captures both the complexity and the immediacy of these stories. It takes place in Tijuana but conveys a larger narrative about real people making complicated decisions under difficult circumstances. In the process, it shows the humanity and agency of those fleeing their homes, often reluctantly, to seek shelter and safety in another country while counseling a more nuanced and compassionate response by the US government.