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Zine Making with Aiden Nguyen & Thanh “Nu” Mai of Vănguard & the Dorchester Art Project

Image spread from a recent issue of Vănguard, courtesy of the artists

Inspired by the punk and zine culture in New York City, the cofounders of Vănguard ( traveled to Việt Nam in 2014 where they ignited a queer revolution using handmade zines. In this workshop, they will give a brief history of zines, reflect on their journey to Việt Nam, and show you technical skills to make your own digital zine masterpiece.

In preparation for this workshop, we ask that attendees gather collage materials (glue, craft paper, paint brushes, scissors etc.) and download Photoshop and Indesign (free trials available here) before the workshop, to use for digital tool exploration.

This event is part of a weekly Summer Art Talk event series in August, hosted jointly by Northeastern’s Center for the Arts (CfA) and Area Code Art Fair.

Registration for this event is now closed. If you would like to join but have missed the deadline, please email [email protected].