Art + Design Lecture and Test-Fly: Mark Reed


Design in Flight: Reinventing the business of kites
April 04, 2012
305 Shillman Hall
Northeastern University

Flight tests and instruction

Thursday April 5
12:00-1:00 PM
Cabot Cage, Northeastern
Admission with Northeastern ID only

Mark Reed studied music and architecture at Yale University and has always had a passion for making things. An avid pilot, airplane builder, sailor, climber, and adventurer, his fascination with wind and flight led him into building sport kites as a hobby during college. His innovative designs attracted attention and in 1992 he and a childhood friend founded Prism Designs Inc. to manufacture and and sell their kites. Based in Seattle with worldwide distribution in more than 40 countries, Prism became the most highly respected kite brand in the world and takes credit for much of the innovation in kite design, materials, manufacturing technology, and marketing over the last two decades. What started with a whim and a sewing machine has become an international industry, and the business of kites continues to provide a unique creative outlet for Mark and his team at Prism.

Mark Reed is Founder and CEO of Prism Designs, Inc. in Seattle. To learn more visit

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