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Date and Time

Thursday, Nov 9 - Sunday, 19, 2023

7:30 — 7:30 pm




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Written by Jen Silverman
Directed by Jonathan Carr
Scenic Design by Justin Lahue
Costume Design by Frances McSherry
Lighting Design by Isaak Olson
Sound Design by Aubrey Dube
Music Direction by Cooper Sheehy
Production Stage Manager: Nico Fernandez (’25)
Violence & Intimacy Coordinator: Jesse Hinson

Agatha— Halle Brockett
Huldey— Brenna Thornton
Emilie— Abby Kesselman
Marjory— Maerose Pepe
The Mastiff— Noah Braunstein
A Moor-Hen— Lily McCollum

The Moors plunges us into the very serious world of the Brönte sisters: grand houses, traditional families, England in the 1800s. Wait— what? Nobody in The Moors talks like that, and there’s barely a house— we can’t even tell what room we’re in, or who the maid is. How did Wuthering Heights get to be funny? The only constant is turmoil as passionate women conspire to take control of their own lives. Emotions and desires run high, especially for the most introspective of all the characters: the dog.
“This black comedy by American writer, Jen Silverman, is a homage to the Brontës and a gothic pastiche in one.” – The Guardian

“With its quizzical tone, The Moors establishes a world of shifting possibility—nothing is as it seems, and nothing will change, but everything will be different.” – New Haven Review
“A disorienting mix of gothic tropes turned sideways, the patriarchy turned upside-down, talking animals turned to romance, and a chiming clock that marks time in the 1840s, the present, and no time at all.” – Isthmus

Content Advisory: Play contains adult humor and content, sexual themes, scenes of violence, and mentions of sexual assault and suicide.
Atmospheric Advisory: This production includes the use of theatrical, water-base haze, flashing lights, and loud noises.

Performance Dates: November 9 – 19
Thursday November 9 at 7:30pm
Friday November 10 at 8pm
Saturday November 11 at 8pm
Sunday November 12 at 2pm
Tuesday November 14 at 7:30pm
Wednesday November 15 at 7:30pm
Thursday November 16 at 7:30pm
Friday November 17 at 8pm
Saturday November 18 at 8pm
Sunday November 19 at 2pm


This performance will run approximately 90 minutes and will not have an intermission.
All performances are in-person, live in the Studio Theatre in Curry Student Center (Second Level / First Floor – next to the indoor quad above the food court).
General seating (no assigned seating).
No late seating.
No re-admission during performance.
House opens approximately 20 minutes before performance time. We encourage audience members to arrive to the theatre at least 15 minutes before the performance in order to find the theatre and select seats.
No photography or video recording during performances.

For students: $5.00
For non-students: $10.00

For more information, contact:
Marti McIntosh — [email protected]