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Date and Time

Friday, Jan 28, 2022

9:00 — 10:00 pm






During the Golden Age of Radio, imagination ruled the airwaves. With only voices and sound effects, stories and characters came to life. The Lone Ranger, The Shadow, Sherlock Holmes and Superman were the popular characters of the day who crept into American homes each night, as families gathered around their radios to hear the next gripping adventure of their favorite heroes.

Director Susan Picillo explains how actors have to be more dramatic to formulate a wide range of emotions by just using their voices, music, and sound effects in order to make up for the lack of visual cues . Read about this production in News@Northeastern.

Airing on January 28th at 9 pm ET on WRBB 104.9 Radio & Website

Written by Various

Directed by Susan Picillo
Sound Designed and Edited by Andrew Duncan Will
In partnership with WRBB 104.9 Radio

Noah Braunstein
Emma Harper
Liam Huff
Lily McCollum
Emily Rosakranse
Marie Siopy
Antonio Weissinger
Production Stage Manager: Elaine Mangelinkx