Entrepreneurship Week 2012

Michael Maness,
Knight Foundation

Breaking is Broken: Why News Will Never be the Same

Wednesday 11/14
105 Shillman

Michael Maness, VP/Journalism and Media Innovation, Knight Foundation

Introduced by Xavier Costa, Founding Dean, College of Art Media and Design

Jeff Howe, Moderator; Associate Professor of Journalism, Northeastern University

Michael Maness leads Knight’s Journalism and Media Innovation program. Previously, he was Gannett’s Vice President of Innovation and Design. During his tenure, he led the creation of an innovation process based on human-centered design and launched multiple new brands. He also served as Vice President of Strategic Planning for Gannett’s newspaper division, launched several local news sites across the company and developed the industry’s first daily video newscast on the Web done without a television partner.

In addition, Maness was named to the Newspaper Association of America’s list of “20 under 40” and was a co-winner in 2007 of the Chairman’s Special Achievement Award at Gannett.

Before joining Gannett, Maness was an analyst and media consultant, a campaign manager and a marketing account executive. He is a graduate of Northwestern University.

Maness has been a member of Knight Foundation’s journalism advisory committee for the past four years.


Indiana Jones Adventure World:
Making Core Gameplay for Everyone

Tuesday 11/13
108 Snell Engineering Center

Seth Sivak, Lead Designer of Indian Jones Adventure World

When Zynga Boston set out to build Adventure World, they searched for a way to the bring traditional gameplay of action-adventure games to the browser. Puzzles, combat and exploration needed to be distilled so that any user could understand and navigate with only a left mouse click. In this presentation Seth Sivak, lead designer of Indiana Jones Adventure World, will present lessons learned and the challenges of bringing core game mechanics to the social genre.


The Challenges of Innovation in the Music Industry

Wednesday 11/14
12pm – 1pm
135 Shillman

Jeff Price, Founder and former CEO of Tunecore
Steven Ambers, CPA with over 20 years of experience performing and supervising royalty audits and due diligence reviews of catalog acquisitions
Alex White, Co-founder and CEO of Next Big Sound, the leading provider of online music analytics and insights
David Herlihy, Moderator; Associate Academic Specialist, Department of Music, Northeastern University


Game-based entrepreneurship training

Thursday 11/15
324 Ryder

Casper Harteveld, Assistant Professor, Game Design and Interactive Media, Northeastern University

Entrepreneurship involves leadership, team work, and thinking-out-of-the-box. In this short interactive workshop we will explore this experientially by playing a game!


Student Panel

Friday 11/16
McLeod Suites, CSC

Richard Strasser, Moderator; Associate Professor, Department of Music, and Associate Dean, College of Arts, Media and Design

Winners of the 2012 Student Entrepreneurial Spirit Awards will speak about their recent projects, followed by a general discussion of how students can also be entrepreneurs.


Audiences and Creators In A Time of Social Media

Friday 11/16
McLeod Suites, CSC

Nancy Baym, Principal Researcher for Microsoft Research New England
Patrik Wikstrom, Moderator; Associate Professor, Department of Music.

This talk draws on years of participant-observation and interviews with nearly 40 musicians to consider how social media have shaped audience practices and, as a result, relationships between artists and audiences. Rather than focusing on monetizing and economic value, the talk seeks to highlight the social values at play and the kinds of quandaries that arise for musicians in the face of these pressures to engage audiences more interpersonally.


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Tue, Nov 13, 2012-Fri, Nov 16, 2012