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Date and Time

Friday, Oct 27, 2023

12:00 — 1:30 pm




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For the second Conversations Series event of the fall semester, join CfD Fellow and Interim Director Michael Arnold Mages and distinguished speakers Beth Molnar, Herman Saksono, and Farzad Noubary for a discussion about a project that merges design, technology, and mental health to support better outcomes in early childhood care. This project aims to create positive change in how we support parents of young children facing mental health challenges.

Imagine a smartphone app that empowers expert Family Partners to advise parents to enhance care conversations, coordination, and support for children aged 1-8. This innovation bridges the gap in mental health services, especially for underserved communities. Parents are the foundation of providing mental health support to growing children, but often don’t have access to the resources or support they need. Our goal is simple: to improve communication, support experiential learning, and reduce disparities in mental health services for vulnerable children.