Daniel Farrow

I am currently a Director of User Experience, leading the experience design and UI development efforts at JRNI, Inc. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Science from Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA and have spent the last 15 years in the field of web/multimedia/game development. Currently, my responsibilities include working with internal and external clients to identify requirements (that meet both business and user objectives) and then translating these into visual prototypes and functional applications. I conduct user research including user interviews, surveys, on-site contextual inquiry visits, and on-site/remote user testing of prototype designs. I have developed proto-personas and performed user task/journey analysis in order to understand the nature of the business problem that we are trying to solve. I have worked closely with users, customers and a cross functional internal team (including product managers, development, quality assurance, sales/marketing, maintenance/support, and executive team) to conceptualize and design application user interfaces, navigation, and user task flows. I then coordinate with graphic designers, developers and QA personnel to implement these designs. I also serve as an evangelist for user-centric design practices inside my organization, providing guidance on best practices and giving presentations on user experience topics