Academics at CAMD

Northeastern University’s College of Arts, Media and Design:  Radical relevance


Experience Humanics in Action: Position yourself at the intersection of data, technology, and human literacies to forge an exciting future in the age of robotics.


Design for experience:

We engage with the nature of human experience through innovative, interdisciplinary approaches to design.

  • Learn how we use design to shape everything from food trucks to the experience of aging

Communication for a new century:

We explore new forms of digital media and data-driven communication across surprisingly diverse disciplines.

  • Work with award winning faculty to learn powerful skills for leadership and innovation, whether in communication studies or journalism, data storytelling or visualization, media arts or games, theatre or music, or film, video production or screen writing

Creativity for innovation and entrepreneurship:

We define creativity in groundbreaking ways that embrace connections between artistic practices, innovation, entrepreneurship and research.

  • Engage with creative experiences that drive today’s entrepreneurship and innovation

Technology for new media:

We connect with changing forms of technology and media to foster experience, connection, and communication within local and global communities.

  • Join a world-wide network of faculty, students and scholars in generating cutting edge media and technology ideas, projects and practices


Pushing the boundaries of creativity

The College of Arts, Media and Design is Northeastern University’s hub for creativity and communication. Leveraging our unique combination of disciplines, together with the university’s strengths in experiential, interdisciplinary, and global learning, we provide a flexible, yet rigorous academic experience unlike any other.

Inspiration and innovation across departments

Step inside a CAMD classroom, studio, or lab, and you’ll find a vibrant community of makers and scholars, researchers and practitioners, collaborators, innovators, and thinkers. A catalyst for research, inspiration, and discovery. A college where a spark of an idea leads to great things.

Our interdisciplinary academic programs span six departments and schools:

Experiential learning starts in the classroom

CAMD provides students with a platform to experiment and explore. We push beyond traditional, theoretical approaches to learning by weaving the act of practice into our courses—from artists, actors, and musicians honing their craft to journalists investigating their next story to communicators keeping their pulse on media trends. At the core of our curriculum, experiential learning moves from hands-on work in the classroom to opportunities on co-op, in research, and around the globe, engaging students in new and innovative ways—and preparing them for real-world success.

Creating future change agents and difference makers

Whether designing their own majors, launching start-ups, or exploring new cultures and continents, undergraduates thrive at CAMD. Our students are passionate and self-directed, curious and confident. They are innovative communicators, future leaders, and champions of social justice and sustainability. And they’re guided by faculty and staff who share their deep knowledge, global viewpoints, first-hand experiences, and critical perspectives. The result: Graduates who are motivated to succeed and ready to make an impact on the world.

A big advance in advanced education

CAMD delivers outstanding graduate and professional education that explores new approaches to this generation’s transformative questions. Students and faculty pursue an array of interdisciplinary academic, creative, research, and professional experiences. From data storytelling and data visualization to media innovation and media advocacy. From music industry and cultural entrepreneurship to experience design and urban planning and sustainability. Backed by an entrepreneurial spirit, CAMD’s graduate programs equip students with the core skills and unique insights needed to shape culture and engage the global marketplace.

Your passions. Your CAMD experience.