Faculty Research Interests / Areas of Expertise

Faculty research interests & areas of expertise

Many CAMD faculty members conduct research and have specific research interests and areas of expertise. Whether you are a member of the media looking for an expert’s take on a hot-button topic or a student looking to study and do research in a particular area, the below list is a great referencial starting point.

Amidon, Jane
Urban Landscape; Sustainable Cities; Environmental Design


Bishop, Scott
Human Ecology; Landscape Infrastructure; Climate Mitigation, Adaptation, and Resiliency


Costa, Xavier
Design, Art, Architecture, Urbanism


Hale, Mary
Design; Minimalist, ephemeral spatial experiences; Inflatables


Haouzi, Chana
architecture, design, representation


Kloeckl, Kristian
Improvisation-based frameworks for Design; Urban Interaction Design; Experience and Product Design; Interaction and Information Design; Design for future Work(place)


Laboy, Michelle
Architectural Ecology; Resilience; Tectonics and Landscape Theory


Lawrence, Amanda Reeser
Modern Architecture; Contemporary Architecture; Architectural Theory; Architecture and Culture; Theories of Influence; Architecture and Copyright


Love, Tim
Zoning Regulations; Complete Streets; Urban Housing Typologies; Industrial Districts and Building Types; Design of the Public Realm; Public Art


Maulsby, Lucy
architectural history, modernism, modernization, urban history, architecture and politics, modern Italy, cultural heritage, difficult histories


Munn, Jeremy
Corporate Strategy, Brand and Marketing; Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Disruptive Technology; Complex Project Delivery / Project Management


Orwig, Timothy
American architectural and social history; historical resources surveys; National Register of Historic Places nominations


Thrush, George
Public Design Review; Infrastructure and Urban Design


Todd, John
Disciplinary investigations of form, narrative, and representation; ontology, aesthetic practice and theory.


Wiederspahn, Peter
Has conducted scholarly, technical and design research. In general, focuses on architectural design, production, performance, and systems. In particular, has conducted research on the following topics: future-use architecture; wood construction and its cultural impact at the detail, architectural and urban scales; wood-frame building envelope performance; wood-frame architecture and urbanism in Boston, 1865-1900; high-performance structural/thermal component construction system for manual assembly; flat-pack, rapid-deployment, long-term-use emergency shelter system; mutable domestic space; furniture design.


Yu, Shuishan
Chinese Architecture; Tibetan Architecture; Buddhist Art and Architecture; Chinese Architectural Historiography; Literati Arts in East Asia; Guqin music

Ainslie, Sophia
Painting; Drawing


Andrews, Ed
Sculpture; Kinetics; Art Installation; Public Sculpture


Barney, Christopher
Diversity in games; Games and society; Paper prototyping; Interactive narrative


Chornyak, Brooke
Experience Design; Graphic Design; Mapping; Information Design; Food Systems; Collaboration


Chute, Hillary
Visual Culture; Gender and Sexuality Studies; Literature and the Arts; Media Studies; Critical Theory; Contemporary Fiction; Documentary; Graphic novels


Cruz, Pedro
Metaphors in information visualization; Bio-inspired approaches to visualization; Computational art; Generative design; Semiology of Graphics; Typography


Curry, Derek
Art, Games, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) practices, machine learning, high frequency trading, Qualculative poetics (a term I coined and still defining), Natural Language Processing, Surveillance; Media Theory


Erickson, Kristen
Visual Design; Branding; Data Visualization; User Centered Design; Information Architecture; Interaction Design Principles; Lean UX & Agile Methodology


Felde, Nathan
Delineating a new conceptual framework for experience design; Attention and trust as coefficiens of aesthetics and etiquette; Pedagogy of experiential learning in design education


Foster, Chris
Game Design, Game Prototyping, Real-time Simulations


Harteveld, Casper
Decision Making; Game Analytics; Game Design; Game User Research; Learning; Resilience; Sustainability; Systems Thinking


Hechtman, Julia
Video Art; Photography; Sculpture; Installation


Hirsch, Tad
Machine-learning enabled, automated assessment and evaluation of mental health therapy and addiction counseling; Design, Activism; Public health


Kahn, Paul
Information architecture, experience design, information design, data visualization


Kanouse, Sarah
Critical creative practice; Art and ecology; Socially engaged art; Space, place, and landscape; Decolonial practice; environmental responsibility


Kim, Miso
Service design, experience design, human centered design, design philosophy, dignity, autonomy, participation


Kloeckl, Kristian
Improvisation-based frameworks for Design; Urban Interaction Design; Experience and Product Design; Interaction and Information Design; Design for future Work(place)


Landry, Dave
Data Visualization, JavaScript


Liberty, Sam
Serious Games; Games for Real World Impact; Political Play


McDonald, Ann
Information design to synthesize and understand experiences; Visualization as a tool revealing overlooked or invisible connections in macro/micro experiences


Millard, Kent
Online communities; Search experience; User research; UI design


Murphy, Caroline
Game design, game business, business, immersive interaction design, system design


Offenhuber, Dietmar
Urban Systems, Design and Governance, Infrastructure Studies, Information Design and Visual Epistemology, Aesthetics and Policy, Accountability-oriented Design


Pearce, Celia
Participatory Performance – Both studying and creating work concerned with agency in immersive theater; Independent and Artgames – Studying Practice and economics of indie developers; Alternate Reality/Pervasive Media – Creating work that blurs the boundary between reality and game; Documentary – Finding new ways to tell stories about historical moments or events


Pensyl, William Russell
Mixed and Augmented Reality, Vision/Sensor Fusion, Interactive Audience Participative Installation


Pletcher, Kellian
Location-based games, XR and games with tangible objects, immersive and interactive theater, museum interactives and games, games for culture and learning


Polins, Jason
Oil Paint, graphite, Charcoal, mixed media, clay, plaster, construction, computers(mostly mac) i.e. digital drawing & painting, augmented reality


Ponce, Margarita
Exploring ways of supporting important social issues through civic involvement, offering counsel on effective communication strategies and developing innovative ways to collaborate in our community through design.


Rounds, Justin
Art & Technology; Interactive Art/Design; Game Design/Development; 2D/3D Animation; Sound Art/Design; Electronic Music Production


Schlatter, Tania
Visual information interfaces and systems with a user-centered approach.


Sivak, Mark
Product/App Design; Experience Design; 3D Printing; Augmented Reality; Virtual Reality; Games for Health/Education


Starr, Thomas
Climate Change Communication


Sutton, Gloria
Machine Learning; Theories of spectatorship in immersive spaces; Contemporary theories of race and digital media; Late modernism and contemporary art history, theory and criticism with a focus on the relationship between art, technology, media and politics

Alper, Meryl
Social and cultural implications of communication technology; children, families, and media; disability and technology; mobile communication; autism and technology; augmentative and alternative communication; digital media and learning; history of personal computing


Blake, Nathan
Critical Theory, Disability, Masculinity and Gender, Videogames and Online Communities, Phenomenology, Cybernetics, Interwar Avant-Garde Art, Early Cinema, Classical Hollywood (Film Noir, Postwar Cinema, Boxing Films), History of War and Surveillance Technology, Apocalyptic Film and Narrative


Depue, Jacob
Health Communication; Political Communication; Advertising; Sports culture and the media


Ellis, Ryan
infrastructure politics, information and communication technologies, regulation, science and technology policy, risk, cybersecurity, homeland security


Goodale, Gregory
Political Communication; Posthumanism; Sound Studies; Critical Animal Studies; Advocacy Writing


Granelli, Steve
Dissertation explored professional wrestling as a staple of popular culture, and questioned a phenomenon that is a driving force behind the industry. Research interests focus on rhetoric of popular culture, fandom, interpersonal and nonverbal communication themes in popular culture, and performance ethnography. Areas of interest include multi-modal popular culture phenomenon such as The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, the role of the anti-hero in popular culture, professional wrestling, and stand-up comedy.


Herbeck, Dale
Argumentation and debate, communication law, and freedom of expression Hobeika, Marie Odile ancient rhetorical theory, poetics and contemporary communication


Kevoe-Feldman, Heidi
Conversation Analysis; Conversation Analytic Role Play Method (CARM); Interaction; Customer Service Training; 911 Emergency Dispatch; Corporate and Organizational Communication


Mello, Susan
Health & environmental communication, media & message effects, behavior change theory, risk perception, cancer, quantitative research methods


Morreale, Joanne
Television history and criticism; Advertising history and criticism


Nisbet, Matthew
Science, technology, & society; political communication; climate change and energy politics


Noland, Carey
Health and Sex Communication


O’Connor, Chad
Teaching focuses on strategies of brand building via an integrated mix of tools, including how advertising and public relations evolve to capitalize on emerging digital marketing platforms. Bridges an integrated communication perspective with other teaching in organizational culture and crisis communication.


Ouillette, Tim
Documentary Filmmaker


Picillo, Susan
Oral Performance; Directing; Voice Over Talent; Singing


Reagle, Joseph
Digital culture (e.g., life hacking, comments, and geek feminism); collaboration, knowledge production, and its legitimation (e.g., Wikipedia); and the history of each.


Robertson, Craig
Media history; History of information technologies; History of surveillance; History of identification documents


Schwartz, Joseph
Health Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Mediated Communication


Strain, Tracy
documentary storytelling, production management and history


Williams, Maggie
Im/mobility; Globalization; Intercultural communication; Communication technologies

Beaudet, Mike
Video storytelling; Local TV news; Public Records


Fountain, Charles
Sports and American culture; sports journalism; sports history; journalism history.


Heckman, Meg
Gender representation in journalism/media; community journalism; digital storytelling; journalism/media entrepreneurship; creating a media ecosystem that’s sustainable and inclusive; best practices in local newsrooms; digital humanities techniques; early digital journalism and politics


Hempel, Carlene
Print reporting and writing; Public records reporting; Long-form narrative writing; International reporting


Kaufman, Jonathan
The Changing State of the News Media; African American-Jewish relations; China; Race and Class in America


Leff, Laurel
American response to the Holocaust; Media Law O’Brien, Meredith Journalism; Media criticism; Online and social media; Political journalism; Creative nonfiction/narrative nonfiction


Wihbey, John
News literacy; misinformation; social media; digital media and technology; media effects; digital networks and information flows; climate change and environmental communications

Cockshaw-Betsold, Allison
Instrumental Conducting, Trumpet Pedagogy and Performance


De Ritis, Anthony
music composition, symphonic literature, design thinking, creativity, cultural diplomacy, music and culture of China


Feinstein, Allen
Musical Theatre composition; Musical Theatre lyric writing; Film Music composition; Composition for children’s concerts; Composition for orchestra, wind ensemble, chamber music


Godfrey, Dan
Composition, Theory and Analysis, Contemporary Music, World Music


Herlihy, David
Seeking to break down the barriers that exist between different programs, colleges, activities, classes and activities at Northeastern. Strives to increase interdisciplinary, entrepreneurial collaboration and to continue to successfully explore the spaces between disciplines. Aspires to establish the first fully -functioning student-run music licensing program in the United States.


Kushner, Jeffrey
Finance, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Personal Narrative


Landgrebe, Junauro
Music performance, arranging, and composition. History of popular music.


Loughridge, Deirdre
Roles of music in constructing and dismantling notions of “the human” (vs. machine, vs. or as animal, as cyborg, etc.); Discourses about the capacities and limitations of robots, AI, algorithms, etc. in musical performance, creativity, emotion, taste; Gendered dimensions of music technology; 18th and 19th Century music; History of technology; Audiovisual cultures; Posthumanism and new materialisms


McDonald, Matthew
Music and sound in film and other screen media; visualization of musical and filmic structures; music inprofessional sports; early twentieth-century modernist music


Moore, Rebekah
Popular music; emerging music industries; ethnography of the music industry; Indonesian music; music and activism; music and diplomacy; professional development in the arts.


Robison, Brian
Music theory, composition, songwriting


Ronkin, Bruce
Music Industry, Music Performance


Smith, Ronald
Computer Music; Interactive Computer Music; Music Composition


Stadnicki, Tisha
Teaching Jazz, Pop, Rock, R&B, and Musical Theater, styles of Voice, including beginner to advanced techniques, as well as improvisation. Recent interest is in further studying and researching the current music industry.

Ball, Megan
Retail marketing and management; marketing communications and promotion


Carr, Jonathan
Directing; Viewpoints


Hinson, Jesse
Suzuki Actor Training Technique, Stage Combat, Movement, Acting, Improvisation, Voice, Choreography, Contact Improvisation


Ocampo-Guzman, Antonio
Acting, Actor training; Directing; voice, Improv & Clown O’Leary, Bridget Directing; Acting; New Play development


Parent, Maurice
Theatre, Music Theatre, Public Speaking, Theatre about and for communities of color


Snyder-Young, Dani
Performance as Social and Civic Practice; Applied Theatre; Spectatorship; Directing; Theatrical interventions in white supremacy; Methodologies for studying impact of performance-based social interventions


Wason, Oliver
Theater design, theater creation, collaboration