• Architecture

Chana Haouzi

Associate Teaching Professor

Chana is Associate Teaching Professor of Design for Environmental Justice and Public Good in the Built Environment at Northeastern University’s School of Architecture. Chana’s teaching focus is to promote socially engaged and inclusive design practices that are rooted in community and context. She is the founder of Architecture for Public Benefit, a design practice dedicated to solving the unique challenges of mission-driven organizations and nonprofits.

Since 2020, she has served as Architect and Rose Fellow for the City of Boston where she leads design initiatives to address the city’s affordable housing challenges and the mayor’s 2030 Housing Plan. Her projects include piloting the ADU 2.0 program, streamlining the permitting process, and supporting the department’s design review. Chana previously worked at Peter Rose + Partners where she led projects from design through to construction. Prior to joining Northeastern in 2014, Chana led a design studio at Harvard University’s Career Discovery program. She has served as a design critic in schools across the northeast and is an active member of the Boston Society for Architecture, where she is co-chair of the Women in Design’s Professional Development Committee. Chana is a licensed architect and holds a Master of Architecture II from Harvard University, and a Master of Architecture and a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from McGill University.

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  • Harvard University, MArch II
  • McGill University, M.Arch
  • McGill University, B.Sc.Arch


  • Rose Architectural Fellowship, Enterprise Community Partners
  • Hugh McLennan Memorial Scholarship, McGill University
  • John Adjeleian Graduate Fellowship, McGill University
  • William Shaver Scholarship, McGill University

Courses Taught

  • ARCH 1110: Fundamental Representation
  • ARCH 1120: Fundamental Design
  • ARCH 2130: Site, Space and Program
  • ARCH 2140: Urban Institutions