• Art + Design

Christoffer Holmgård

Assistant Professor

Christoffer Holmgård is a game developer, teacher, and game/artificial intelligence researcher based out of Northeastern University and Die Gute Fabrik. Holmgård’s research focuses on using AI in the service of game design. With a background in game design and psychology, he is interested in building AI player models and applying these in game development, testing, and game play and using them to understand players and the craft of making games. Pedersen studies small-scale game development processes with a strong interest in tools and ecologically valid playtesting. As a co-owner of independent game development studio Die Gute Fabrik, he focuses on production, design, and programming of games that are synaesthetic, offbeat, and above all, personal.

Research Interests

  • Applied Games
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Game Design
  • Game Design and Testing Methods and Tools
  • Games for Assessment and Psychometrics