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Farzaneh Eftekhari

Part-time faculty

Farzaneh is an adjunct faculty at college of art, media and design at Northeastern university. She is also a PhD candidate at North Carolina State University (NCSU).Her background is in product development and brand design. Her PhD research is to study the unique intersection of disciplines and their interest in design thinking process. In her research she is interested to explore the type of skills, space and methods that design thinkers need for integrated innovation. She is also interested in the topic of human-centered design and design for behavior change. Specifically, to understand how interaction and experience of a designed-object or a system can contribute to have an impact on individual behavior. The concept of individual-experience with artifacts could potentially affect on ways of communication and could turn into a method for transferring practical knowledge to people and social groups.

Farzaneh has Master in Design Studies in Risk and Resilience at Harvard University. At Harvard, she did research on water-stress risk in the agriculture sector in the Middle East. Her research goal was to include the bottom-up perspective in water-stress risk communication. She suggested a better stakeholders knowledge transformation platform to make invisible groundwater resources as a visible factor for residents and to provide alternatives of action for farmers through successful and efficient farming business models and finally to motivate young farmers to bring innovation and sustainable farming to the local agricultural community.

Prior to MDes at Harvard, she studied at Arizona State University‚Master of Science in Design. At ASU, Farzaneh conducted research on health risk communication in vulnerable population with fieldwork in rural areas in Mexico and immigrant communities in Lisbon, Portugal.

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Research/Publications Highlights

Farzaneh is currently doing her PhD thesis in the topic of design thinking (DT) specifically, as a concept that has been distributed and adapted in non-design disciplines. She is studying how design thinking knowledge has been transferred and adapted to meet the specific needs of the various non-design disciplines.

In addition to her interest in design thinking and user-experience design, she also has expertise on product design, branding strategy and consumer behavior theories.