• Communication Studies

Gregory Goodale

Associate Professor

Scholar at the Center for Advancing Teaching & Learning through Research. Inspired by 14 teachers in his family and the extraordinary students he has taught at the University of Illinois and Northeastern University, he has recently published a book titled A Professor’s Advice to his Students (2014).

Dr. Goodale is a graduate of the University of Virginia School of Law (JD), and the University of Illinois (PhD). A former lawyer, lobbyist, and congressional aide, he continues his interest in democracy. As a public advocate, Dr. Goodale brings his Washington, DC experience into the classroom where he leads classes that advocate on behalf of foster children (Advocacy Workshop), victims of human trafficking and disabled children (Advocacy Writing) and at-risk girls (Public Speaking).

Dr. Goodale researches Post-Humanism. This worldview undermines the dominance of vision and cold logic as a way of organizing the world into categories and classes in favor of rethinking concepts like sex, race, species and ability. His books, Arguments About Animal Ethics(2010), Sonic Persuasion (2011), and The Rhetorical Invention of Man(2015) are examples of Post-Humanist scholarship.

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  • MA
  • JD
  • PHD

Courses Taught

  • Persuasion & Rhetoric
  • Legal Argumentation
  • Advocacy Writing
  • Public Speaking
  • Political Communication
  • Advocacy Workshop
  • Social Movements Communication

Research/Publications Highlights

  • • Political Communication


  • • Posthumanism


  • • Sound Studies


  • • Critical Animal Studies


  • • Advocacy Writing