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Design for Emergency

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Design for Emergency has launched a set of initiatives to face the COVID-19 emergency through design. The first step is to collect information about the experiences of people living in areas heavily affected by coronavirus who cannot leave their homes. We would like to understand their fears, problems, and hopes, as well as how their habits are changing in this moment. Our goal is to quickly design new solutions to address the specific issues of people facing this emergency – solutions that will entertain, connect, and support individuals and communities in new ways.

The Design for Emergency Data Platform collects data about people’s experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic. We investigated: how have people been dealing with restrictions and containment measures introduced by many countries in response to the pandemic? What have their emotions, fears and hopes been? What problems have they encountered? How have their habits and lives changed since then? The Data was collected through a survey disseminated in 12 countries, but the project is still expanding. This website publishes the ongoing results from the analysis of 7500+ responses so far.

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