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Lev Manovich: Big data visualization as an artistic and research tool

Apr 27, 2015
5:30 pm
Snell Library 421

Dr. Lev Manovich is on the list of 50 most important people of 2014. (The Verge)

What can we lean about the societies from analyzing and visualizing billions of photographs and video shared on social networks? Can we use visualization to explore massive visual data sets without using predefined research questions? Can we analyze big data without using numbers? Lev Manovich will discuss these questions using examples of recent projects in our lab where we analyze of 2.3 million of Instagram photos from 13 global cities, compare Instagram selfies and create an interactive visualization of a city life that does not use any maps.

This event is part of the Masters of Information Design and Data Visualization lecture series.

Dr. Lev Manovich


Dr. Lev Manovich is the author of Software Takes Command (Bloomsbury Academic, 2013), Soft Cinema: Navigating the Database (The MIT Press, 2005), and The Language of New Media (The MIT Press, 2001) which was described as “the most suggestive and broad ranging media history since Marshall McLuhan.” Manovich is a Professor at The Graduate Center, CUNY, and a Director of the Software Studies Initiative that works on the analysis and visualization of big cultural data. In 2013 he appeared on the List of 25 People Shaping the Future of Design. In 2004 he was included in the list of 50 “most interesting people building the future” (The Verge). More Info.