The Northeastern Digital Arts and Game Design Program was rated 38th among digital arts programs within the country.

Program Coordinator

Celia Pearce,, 617.373.6251, 121 ME

The BFA in digital art and game design combined major offers students an opportunity to develop skills in the visual arts within games, while focusing on the depth of knowledge required to be successful in a highly competitive industry. The continuing revolution in digital computing and animation has produced a rapidly evolving field for artists who create aesthetics, characters, and environments for games. The combined majors encourage students to think and work collaboratively in multidisciplinary teams. The collaborative approach helps all team members to understand the context in which their asset contributions are used and to develop visual design skills in the service of larger experiential goals. Students have many opportunities to collaborate with their peers and work with students in all game design combined majors, culminating in a two-semester senior capstone. Students will have a home college in the College of Arts, Media and Design but will have a minimum of four interdisciplinary courses where students interact and work together with students in the BS in computer science degree.


Requirements Course Descriptions

Declarative Knowledge

Knowledge of facts and concepts that can be stated or declared

  1. Apply foundational principles of art making, including two-dimensional compositional strategies and visual metaphor.
  2. Use foundational principles of art, including three-dimensional form, volume and spatial elements.
  3. Identify visual, spatial, sound, motion, and temporal elements and features, to combine these elements in the creation of game art assets.
  4. Ability to use narrative, non-narrative, and other information/language structures to evoke narrative concepts in the game medium.
  5. Apply knowledge of the history of games, their artistic and technological evolution.

Procedural Knowledge

Knowledge of how to use various methods, approaches, procedures, theories

  1. Research the characteristics and capabilities of methods and technologies used in 3D Digital animation for games, Motion Capture, and scripted animated behaviors.
  2. Use concepts and processes for the development, coordination, and completion of animation assets in the game medium.
  3. Create effective and conceptual directions in environmental, character and animated game assets.
  4. Use scenarios, personas and psychological constructed matrixes in character design.
  5. Understand and apply procedural processes for the creation of game art asset.
  6. Use procedural processes for the creation of interior and exterior virtual environments using natural, manmade and geographical features.
  7. Collaborate and communicate within teams to create game based and interactive projects.

Contextual Knowledge

Knowledge of when to apply various methods, approaches, procedures, theories

  1. Apply basic principles, concepts, tools, techniques, procedures, and technologies sufficient to produce game art assets from concept to a finished product that communicates ideas to a viewer or to an audience.
  2. Relate relevant aesthetic and critical theory, cultural forces and contemporary models to the history of games.