Undergraduate Studies

The Game Design program is committed to offering game degrees that focus on:

  • Equipping students with the necessary depth of knowledge in areas of their choice that make them competitive in today’s game industry environment.
  • Giving students a breadth of knowledge to allow them to engage in interdisciplinary conversations.
  • Offering students opportunities to develop their own games and playable media both within and outside of the classroom.

In particular, we offer programs that provide students with an interdisciplinary foundation on which students:

  • Learn skills in traditional disciplines through courses such as Computer Science and Media Arts. This curriculum constitutes their depth area.
  • Engage in learning a wide range of concepts through courses outside of their depth area.
  • Work in teams with other game students from different depth areas to develop games and playable media. Interdisciplinary learning happens inside the classroom and also outside through events and clubs like the Northeastern University-hosted Global Game Jam, the student-run Game Development Club, and the PLAIT research lab.