Partnering with CAMD provides external organizations with access to an entrepreneurial, innovative and creative community of thought leaders across a unique collection of disciplines. Our partners seek out CAMD to consider business, civic, and societal challenges and in return we deliver solutions that expand markets, spark innovation, and provide fresh perspectives.

Our goal is to enable strategic philanthropy that advances both CAMD and the donating organization.

Corporate partnerships may take several forms including:

  • Sponsored centers
  • Studios
  • Classes or projects
  • Lecture series or public programming
  • Capital need
  • Executive engagement
  • Corporate education
  • Strategic sponsorships
  • Gifts-in-kind
  • Endowed faculty positions and other naming opportunities that enable successful companies to do good while doing well

In our work with foundations, we evaluate the grant-making programs of private foundations, associations, and charitable trusts with the aim of matching their priorities with those of the college, including new and existing projects, programs and faculty research.