Impact of parent giving

Since 2010, parents have contributed nearly $5 million for a wide variety of needs, including academic-program support, club sports, unpaid co-ops within government agencies and at nonprofit organizations, and support of research and international experiential learning. Parents can direct their gifts toward a specific university need that closely matches their interests including The Parent Fund, The College of Arts, Media and Design Dean’s Fund, or departmental/program-based funds.

Growing the parent community

Connecting with the college is key to nurturing the success of your student’s education. Each year, we strive to keep you informed of opportunities to become involved and stay connected with the College and happenings at the University. We encourage you to join the Dean and college staff at events hosted during the year such as New Student & Freshman Move-In Weekend, Parent and Family Weekend, and regional parent events.

How can you make a difference?

There are many ways to be involved with your student’s education and the Northeastern community in addition to providing crucial financial support:

  • Sponsor a co-op opportunity at your place of business
  • Accept an invitation to speak at one of our classes
  • Serve on a panel of industry experts
  • Provide a service or product that enhances an academic or athletic program
  • Host a parent-engagement reception
  • Join the Parents Leadership Council with fellow minded parents to advance our mission by providing volunteer leadership, offering perspectives, and philanthropic support

Additional Resources for Parents:

Office of Parent Programs and Services

Keep in touch

Parent support impacts current and future students. To become involved, please contact CAMD’s Development Officer, Aubrey Thomas at 617.373.3162 or