Global Learning Opportunities

At CAMD, we consider faculty-led global learning a critical and transformative element of the academic experience—providing students the opportunity to study at a university abroad, work for an international company, perform service projects in foreign countries, or conduct research on a global scale. Our students develop a deep understanding and appreciation of their host countries, and come away from their experiences with a fresh perspective on the world at large.


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Dialogue of Civilizations

The Dialogue of Civilizations program takes CAMD students around the world to experience different cultures through intensive summer programs in more than 10 countries. Participants meet with government leaders, local groups, and students for a one-on-one process of growth and discovery.

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Global Co-op 

A global co-op is an excellent opportunity for students to immerse themselves in new cultures and landscapes. The professional element of these experiences provides a breadth and depth of cultural insight that is unsurpassed by traditional foreign study programs.

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Study Abroad

CAMD students can also pursue a traditional study abroad program. From Architecture in Berlin to Art + Design at the Studio Art College International in Italy to Communications Studies on Australia’s Gold Coast, Northeastern offers study abroad opportunities for students across disciplines.

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A unique experience for a select group first year students, is an opportunity to spend your fall semester studying abroad at one of our five international partner locations. CAMD students earn a full semester of academic credit while immersing themselves in a new culture before transitioning to the Boston campus to continue their studies at Northeastern in January.

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