Global Philosophy

Creating citizens of the world

Creativity is not bound by borders. Neither is the CAMD academic experience. Our creative disciplines—from arts and architecture to music and media—depend on deep knowledge of diverse cultures and distinct perspectives. Artists and makers, designers and creators, scholars and researchers must understand these complexities to succeed in their profession. That’s why we integrate global thinking into our departments and programs, and why we encourage students to engage the world through our global learning opportunities.

Breaking down barriers, building up confidence

There are several options for CAMD students to explore intercultural learning and enhance their cultural agility, including faculty-led Dialogue of Civilizations courses, far-reaching study-abroad programs, and our renowned co-op. And we’re always adding new ways for students to open their eyes to the world.

Going on a global co-op is often a game changer. For six months, students find themselves immersed in a foreign country—working, eating, navigating, communicating—while gaining valuable professional experience at an international company. In other words, our students are not tourists. They are globally minded citizens expanding their horizons, preparing to meet new challenges and developing confidence with every step.

Creative hubs across the globe

CAMD is committed to creating unique learning experiences abroad, giving students insight into how culture affects professional practice. We send students to specific creative hubs around the world so they can discover how each region impacts their work—and how their work can impact the region. For example:

Architecture – Dublin Program

Dublin, Ireland offers an opportunity for students in the Urban Landscape program to study first hand the extraordinary landscapes, both natural and man made, of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Students spend a semester integrated into the Landscape Architecture program at the University College Dublin where they take a suite of courses oriented to the landscapes and histories of Dublin.

Art + Design – Art in Ireland

Located at the Burren College of Art in one of the most beautiful and unusual environments on the western coast of Ireland, this program enables students to work in their own studio and create a large body of work with daily critiques.

Theatre – Paris Fashion Experience

This program focuses on the history of 19th, 20th, and 21st-century fashion design and the relationship between mass media and the fashion industry. All in Paris, the center of high fashion for over a century.

From diverse faculty to a dynamic campus

CAMD’s global philosophy takes shape close to home, too. The Center for the Arts brings internationally acclaimed artists, designers, scholars, and performers to the Northeastern community. Our diverse faculty develop co-ops, lead Dialogues, collaborate on global research, and foster relationships with international colleagues. Our alumni, prepared to be engaged citizens of the world before they graduate, make a difference on all seven continents. And the university connects students from 140 countries, weaving together a rich tapestry of cultures across campus. Wherever CAMD students turn, the world is close at hand.