Student Funding Opportunities

Whether you were drawn by our global orientation, our dedication to the real-world application of knowledge and creativity, or our flexible curriculum that creates space for experiential learning, we are glad you are part of the College of Arts, Media and Design community.

We believe that access should not be a barrier to educational opportunities that can enhance students’ personal and professional development during their time at CAMD and Northeastern. We also believe that temporary financial challenges and hardships should not interfere with someone’s education, personal well-being, and professional growth.

CAMD has various funding options outside of financial aid and scholarships that students can take advantage of to assist them in continuing their education. The College of Arts, Media and Design is pleased to offer these financial supports through the generosity of private donors – alumni, parents, and friends.

We are grateful to all the donors to the College of Arts, Media and Design for the resources to support our extraordinary students. And to our students, we are proud to be a partner in your personal growth, and your persistence in the pursuit of your educational goals.

Experiential Funding

CAMD has various philanthropic funds created to help students who are looking to partake in experiential educational opportunities to enhance their collegiate experience, but may need additional funding to do so. These opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Participate in a study abroad program.
  • Attend a Dialogue of Civilizations.
  • Work an unpaid or under-paid co-Op position.
  • Professional development opportunities such as a conference/seminar.

Apply for Experiential Funding

Research Funding

CAMD encourages students to work alongside faculty to enrich their academic experience, lay the groundwork for co-op, develop new skills for future study or employment, and contribute to the knowledge creation process.

The College of Arts, Media and Design is pleased to offer research funds and grants to students who are looking to enhance their classroom learning through contributing to research, scholarship, and creative activity. 

For specific questions regarding how CAMD can help fund research initiatives and projects, please email Katherine Calzada, Assistant Dean for Research Development, at [email protected].

Emergency Support Funding

CAMD’s Student Emergency Support Fund has been created to help students who are facing temporary hardships that impact their ability to continue their education and be physically, mentally, and emotionally present to be the best person they can be.

These hardships include, but are not limited to:

  • Inability to pay for books/supplies for courses.
  • Food insecurity.
  • Unanticipated travel-related costs due to family emergencies.
  • Medical related costs such as co-payments.
  • Housing costs.
  • Technology needs.
  • Transportation.

It’s important to note financial assistance given to students through this fund is not a loan and does not require repayment.

For specific questions regarding this fund, what is covered, and who can access it, please email Alex Cabal, Director of Diversity Initiatives and Engagement, at [email protected] If you need support with long-term solutions for financial challenges you are facing, please reach out for help, guidance, and support.

Apply for Emergency Funding


Contact: Chelsea Whitehurst, CAMD Development Associate

Funding Opportunities by Department

Communication Studies Excellence

Used to support student scholarships, stipends to assist students traveling to conference or who study/participate in coop’s abroad, or provide stipends for outstanding guest speakers.


Curtis Lemar Haigh Scholarship

For a speech communication major who is a member of the junior class. Scholarship recipient must have demonstrated service to Northeastern, participate in extracurricular activities and student life, and demonstrate academic achievement and professional promise.


Tashash Family Scholarship

Recipients of this stipend will be selected by the professors teaching Service-Learning courses in the Communication Studies Department in consultation with the Dean of CAMD and in coordination with the Center of Community Service (or any successor thereof). Candidates who receive this stipend will serve as Service-Learning Teaching Assistants. Candidates must be full-time undergraduate or graduate students at Northeastern enrolled in CAMD.


Michael Woodnick Tribute Fund

Designated for one or more scholarships for undergraduate students studying Public Advocacy, Rhetoric, or Organizational Communication. Scholarship recipients will be selected by the CAMD Dean or any designee.

Architecture Graduate Studio & Research

Supports the School of Architecture’s graduate level studio and research program. Can be used for student and faculty research, travel, publications, and related post-dialogue exhibitions. Administered by the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Research Director or designee.


Haig R. Yazijian Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to the second-year student majoring in Architecture with the highest GPA 


Fund for the Urban Landscape Program

Administered by the director of the Urban Landscape program in consultation with the CAMD Dean. This fund supports the work of the Landscape Architecture Program. May be used for student achievement awards, faculty and student-related project, lecture series, exhibitions, and other activities that support and enrich the mission of the program.

  1. Eugene J. Blackman Scholarship
  2. Selected by the Chair of the Theatre and Dance Department after a full faculty discussion and vote. All candidates must demonstrate outstanding professional promise in theatre. Freshmen are eligible for this scholarship, but typically awarded to 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year students who aren’t yet graduating.
  1. Thomas F Symmons Music Scholarship
  2. The Dean of CAMD or her designee will select one or more students of outstanding merit pursuing a major in Music Industry for this scholarship award. Candidates should demonstrate a commitment to the community by sharing their talent and creativity through music and must be full-time undergraduate students at Northeastern.


  1. Joshua Jacobson Choral Music Scholarship
  2. Provides scholarships for students to improve their choral skills, hire guest performers, and provide workshops. The choral director and student e-board discuss and vote on how and when these funds are expended.
  1. Paul E. Hirshson Byline Scholarship
  2. Provides annual awards to worthy undergraduate and graduate students in the School of Journalism who have demonstrated financial need, academic achievement, and a concern for professional ethics.


  1. Paul G. Keough Memorial Scholarship
  2. Provides annual awards to deserving students majoring in journalism with financial need.


  1. James M Ragsdale Memorial Scholarship in Journalism
  2. Awarded to students majoring in journalism with demonstrated financial need to supplement university grants or loans. Preference given to students who have shown an interest in First Amendment issues, an area which James Ragsdale was actively involved throughout his career. He was the Associated Press Bureau Chief in Boston and taught in Northeastern’s Journalism program.


  1. Jacqueline A Kornish Memorial Scholarship
  2. The School of Journalism selects one scholarship recipient each year on the basis of interest and ability in journalism. A preference will be given for students focusing on print journalism and who have demonstrated strong academic preferences and a sense of ethics in journalism. Recipients must be full-time undergraduate students at Northeastern.


  1. Peter Anderson Award
  2. Provides scholarships to one or more Journalism students selected by the Chair of the Journalism Department


  1. Initiative for Investigative Reporting
  2. Supports the activities Initiative for Investigative Reporting in the School of Journalism. Activities include stipends for co-op placements, workshops, seminars and conferences, support for the website and other activities.
  1. The Joe Thomas Explore the World Fund
  2. Provides financial assistance to students so that they may participate in experiential learning opportunities that they would not otherwise be able to afford without assistance from this fund. May provide stipends to students participating in low-paying or nonpaying co-ops or in a Dialogue of Civilizations program or provide funding for students to participate in other types of experiential learning opportunities. The Dean of CAMD will select one or more students majoring in journalism for this funding award.
  3. Tom Winship Scholarship in Journalism
  1. Provides additional financial support to full-time undergraduate and graduate journalism students who have a demonstrated need. Preference given to first generation college students or members of populations underrepresented in higher education and for students who have resided in Boston for several years. Can be used to support of international travel and study, provide stipends to support work on faculty led research, support for student led research or creative projects. Funding may be renewed in succeeding years if recipient remains a journalism student in good standing.


  1. Will McDonough Scholarship
  2. The Sports Editor of the Boston Globe, in consultation with Northeastern’s School of Journalism, will select a scholarship recipient from full-time undergraduate students completing co-op assignments at the Globe. Considerations will include financial need, academic standing, and outstanding co-op education performance.
  1. Scout Fund
  2. Administered by the Dean of CAMD to cover the operating costs of Scout. This includes educational scholarships and co-op positions, the studio’s operational budget (software subscriptions, technology needs, etc.), campus engagement expenses (food and drink, speaker honorariums, etc.), and spatial renovation costs.


  1. CAMD F1RST Scholars
  2. Administered by CAMD’s Director of Diversity Initiatives & Engagement to support students from challenging, low-income backgrounds and/or students who are in the first generation of their family to attend college. Can be used for expenses such as providing stipends for undergraduate students who will be named a CAMD F1RST Scholar; stipends for student mentors for the Scholars; purchasing technology, software, and/or supplies that the Scholars may need for their studies; programing costs for seminars, workshops, cultural activities, and/or honoraria for speakers; cultural and educational trips; and events for the Scholars; and other programing expenses.


  1. College of Arts, Media and Design Scholarship
  2. The Dean of CAMD will select one or more students in CAMD for a scholarship. Candidates must be full-time undergraduate or graduate students at Northeastern. At the discretion of the dean these scholarships may be either need based and/or merit based. The scholarship may be renewed in succeeding years.


  1. James ’66 and Jill Gabbe Creative Leader Scholarship
  2. Provides one or more scholarships for fulltime undergraduate CAMD students seeking to pursue a creative endeavor that will have a positive impact on the greater community. Projects may include articulating problems or opportunities and proposing solutions depicted through media, art, or design for the public good.


  1. CAMD Co-Op Fund
  2. The Dean of CAMD will select one or more CAMD students for a co-op stipend. Candidates must be full-time undergraduate or graduate students at Northeastern who are participating in what would otherwise be non-paying or low paying co-op position. The stipend may be renewed in succeeding years.