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Student sportswriter recognized with national award

Sarah Moomaw

Sarah Moomaw didn’t plan to be a sports jour­nalist. But pretty much everyone else knew she was des­tined to be one.

“I didn’t come to North­eastern under the assump­tion I would be a sports reporter,” said Moomaw, a senior jour­nalism major. “I didn’t have dreams since I was a little kid to be a sports­writer, which is the case with so many others who do this.”

Moomaw intended to be an arts and lifestyle reporter. But sports had long dom­i­nated the Saint Louis native’s life, so much so that she has made her family eat vaca­tion din­ners at sports bars so she could watch her beloved Car­di­nals play base­ball. Even the sto­ries she wrote while on co-op with The Boston Globe tended to focus on sports.

“People kept saying, ‘Are you sure you don’t want to cover sports?’” Moomaw said. “And more than any­thing I heard at North­eastern, people kept saying ‘You really need to talk to Chuck.’”

Moomaw heeded this advice, enrolling in the sports writing class taught by jour­nalism pro­fessor Charles Foun­tain. She also started working part-time on nights and week­ends as a “hawk” at the Globe’s sports desk, col­lecting box scores and cov­ering games for the print edi­tion and the paper’s website.

And last spring Moomaw became the sports editor for The Hunt­ington News, the inde­pen­dent stu­dent news­paper that covers the uni­ver­sity. She will resume the role this fall, over­seeing a team that writes, edits and designs the sports pages for the publication’s weekly print edition.

Moomaw found out that she was one of four stu­dents nation­wide to earn the Asso­ci­ated Press Sports Edi­tors Schol­ar­ship while she was in Argentina this summer on a Dia­logue of Civ­i­liza­tions pro­gram. The schol­ar­ships — awarded to help moti­vate tal­ented stu­dents to pursue a career in sports jour­nalism — were announced in a news release written by Boston Globe sports editor Joe Sul­livan, who noted the four schol­ar­ship recip­i­ents were part of “the best group of writers who ever applied.”

“The win­ners are an out­standing four­some who all have a big future in our busi­ness,” wrote Sul­livan, who is Moomaw’s editor at the Globe.

Ear­lier this year, he assigned her the all-important task of com­piling a daily “this date in Fenway Park his­tory” fea­ture, a spot that ran online and in print to mark the sto­ried ballpark’s 100th anniversary.

The work was gru­eling, Moomaw said, noting the need to pore over decades of archived sto­ries and box scores to find a his­toric event from each day — a dif­fi­cult task even for a park as old and beloved as Fenway.

“The first month was really fun, the next six were really painful, and I still have about two weeks left to do,” Moomaw said.

Though she never intended to be a sports­writer, Moomaw now knows that she has found the per­fect career. “A lot of my writers at the Hunt­ington News have had dreams of doing this since they were little kids,” she said. “That wasn’t the case for me, but I know it’s exactly what I’m sup­posed to be doing.”