Journalism student takes video of bus driver texting while driving

We’ve heard about the dangers of texting while driving hundreds of times. It’s against the law in Massachusetts. While a passenger in a Beiber Tourways bus leaving Kutztown, Pa, Miki Onwudinjo, a senior journalism student, observed the bus driver texting while driving.

Fearing for her life and the lives of the passengers on board, Onwudinjo used her cell phone to film the driver texting. Her story caught media attention. WFMZ-TV News featured her story both on air and in print. In the interview by reporter Ryan Hughes, she said, “I felt like I had to watch the road for him (the driver) while I was recording.” According the the article, she notified the bus company and the driver was suspended without pay.

The TV news segment and full story are available at the WFMZ website →