Prof. Kennedy’s book “The Wired City” praised as a “primer” for new journalism

There is a new breed of online news venues that combine traditional news values with non-traditional funding sources led by veteran journalist Paul Brass, founder of the “New Haven Independent,” an independent community news site funded by contributions and sponsors instead of advertising and subscribers.  Brass and this new news model is the subject of Prof. Dan Kennedy’s new book, “The Wired City, Reimaging Journalism and Civic Life in the Post-newspaper Age.”

Kennedy’s book was praised in a “Boston Globe” book review by David M. Shriban, as “a primer on the (often good) things that are happening in journalism in an age when traditional newspaper circulation and advertising revenue are declining.”  Shriban continued, “Kennedy gives us a nice tour d’horizon of the start-ups and foundation-based initiatives that have sprung up across the country, and argues in “The Wired City” that while they may not be the answer, they might be the answer.”

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